The House and Land Packages

Beginning as a way to connect builders and investors many years ago, House and Land is the premier and exclusive portal for land, developers and investors.

What makes us different is that we’ve partnered with developers and builders, so that we can provide you with prices and deals not found anywhere else.

Only upon approval from House and Land Packages, can developers and builders list on the site. What this means, is that each provider is vetted by our team to ensure value, quality and long-lasting satisfaction from their previous projects and client’s.

We understand that the world of House and Land Packages can be intimidating for investors, that’s why we have built this exclusive platform.


Our values


Each developer and builder goes through our team's process to ensure that they only deliver quality House and Land Packages

Track Record

Only builders and developers with a long track record are on our portal. That way, you can be assured that their projects are of high-quality that will be a positive investment for years to come.

Fair Pricing

As they say, you make money when you purchase the property, not when you sell it. That's why we source exclusive deals for the client's on our portal.

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